How To: Counter Parry-Riposte in fencing

After a series of quarte disengage attacks, Bijan takes several counter-ripostes before finishing with a fleche. (For those striving for perfection--He's too close when I'm coming forward/hand is too far back in his sixte parry & he's not fully stretched in the fleche--Aside from these things, I think Bijan has admirable form but I'm his coach & biased...)

How To: Do sabre fencing attacks

In this series of video clips, you’ll learn more about these different weapons. An important component of fencing is the footwork and balance. Get informative tips on the choreography of a sword fight from our expert. Learn more about the modern scoring apparatus and other fencing equipment. If you are a novice fencer, you can get more advanced tips and ideas for fencing foil techniques and vaulting and linear footwork.

How To: Saber Fence

Sword fighting, or saber fencing, is a recreational sport that tests quick action and solid defense. Learn more about saber fencing from our fencing expert in this free video series.

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